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How to dress your children for a wedding

You know your child always wants to feel special, and that’s true even when it’s someone else’s big day. So a wedding can be an opportunity to let them play dress-up, and wear something that makes them feel like they’re part of this uniquely happy occasion. With our selection of kids' wedding outfits, you’re sure to find something that will help them share the joy. Just be careful not to let their chic clothing upstage the happy couple!

How to dress your children for a wedding

What should a child wear to a wedding?

A wedding is a perfect day to explore luxury looks, even for the smallest guests. Whether they’re a flower girl, a ring bearer, a page, or one of the many guests, they’ll feel all grown-up when they’re wearing their special kids' wedding outfit, and they’ll be ready to play an important role in this momentous day. You could try getting them their first gown or suit – perhaps one that matches the theme of the wedding, or something unique to make them really stand out. Cardigans, skirts, and shirts are also ideal for a look that’s both classy and casual. You can even let the youngest of your children join in the fun, with cute formal baby dresses or suit-inspired rompers. If your kids are comfortable and happy with their elegant new threads, then that’s one less concern for you, and you’ll be able to enjoy the wedding just like everyone else.

What should a  baby wear to a wedding?

What can a boy wear to a wedding?

Men often like to follow tradition on special occasions like these, opting for the classic two-piece matching suit, and there’s no reason for your child to miss out on the fun. A suit is a timeless choice for a boy’s wedding outfit, and choosing the right one will have them looking every bit as dapper as the older guests. Navy, grey, and black are three of the most common options for sophisticated boys' wedding clothes. You can find boys' suits for weddings from Paul Smith Junior, Carrément Beau, and other big-name brands. The slim silhouette of a BOSS kids' suit is effortlessly smart, and both the jackets and trousers are crafted from soft natural fabrics – comfortable enough for restless kids to wear all day, from the ceremony to the reception. Pair one with a Karl Lagerfeld Kids collared shirt, or a matching BOSS T-shirt.

What can a boy wear to a wedding?

What should little girls wear to a wedding?

So many girls love dressing up and trying out different styles, and a wedding is their chance to really make an impression in a big public setting. In our Charabia collection, you can find all kinds of adorable girls’ dresses and baby dresses for weddings. Little girls with a taste for the finer things will also love picking out the perfect Charabia dress to suit their personality. Bows, beads, and embroidery will complete an unforgettable outfit to match the occasion.
We’ve demonstrated how much choice you have available to dress kids for weddings, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all the options. Just try to find a scaled-down version of your own favourite luxury look for your little ones. Maybe you could consult with the planners or organisers of the event to see if there’s a specific theme to follow, or just ask around with other guests. If you have more than one child attending, you can even try dressing them up in matching outfits. Make sure that they have an opportunity to try their new clothes on before the big day, so you know they can wear them comfortably. Once that’s done, you’ll be all set for a stylish occasion –one that your child is sure to remember for a long time.

What should little girls wear to a wedding?
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